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Air circuit breaker manufacturers. Circuit breaker in Kampa including miniature circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker(residual current device) and moulded case circuit breaker, air circuit breaker, Also sometimes people call /CB, RCCB, RCD, ELCB and /CCB. /CB and RCD normally combined in circuit panel board, major used in household appliance and lighting distribution system, automatically operate, in order to protect people safety from damage caused by overload or short circuit or earth leakage. /CCB major used in industry and construction, installed in switchgear. Circuit breaker is different with fuse, because it can be repeated to use, we reset only when the hand lever operate. Another according to operation characteristic, circuit breaker can be divided into common trip breakers, thermal magnetic circuit breaker, low voltage and high voltage circuit breaker, AC type and DC type. All circuit breaker accord with IEC60898, IEC60947-2, IEC61008.