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◎KP-4000 Series of Mechanical Thermostat

KPV-4000 series valves which consists of actuator and valve body are applied to control the water valve of the HVAC system.the valve body is be made in the high brass,and the actuator adopts Flame retardant engineering plas tics.it ha s the lim it cont act swi tch inside,also the B type actuator with the relay inside can control the valves at the same time.the actuator can be opened manually,which is convenient for the spot debugging or pressure adjusting.these valves can match with the temperature switch to control energy saving operation of the air condition system.


1. Valves with the contact switch inside can not get through the power,when it closed or opened,so it has the long service life,efficient energy saving,operation safety.
2. Valve body and actuator are separated,which are removed quickly
3. Valve body has a special structure to ensure the big differential pressure
4. The actuator has the debuggi ng and maintenance with manual operating lever system(70%), you can push the white manual operating lever to the bottom or inside position,when the power is recovered,the valve body and actuator come back to Automatic Position.
5. B type actuator with the relay inside,can operate with the Three speed switch to control the valves at the same time.

Technique Parameter:

1. Working voltage:220VAC or 12V,24V,110V
2. Power Consume;5VA(only when you open or close the valve)
3. Nominal pressure:1600pa
4. Applicable medium:cold water,hot water
5. Running time:16S(when opened and closed)
6. Medium temperature:0-95℃
7. Environment temperature:0-65℃
8. Connection way:Tapered inner pipe thread(can be made extra by customer)

Name Caliber parameter L H Kv
Solenoid valve
1 /2″ DN15 90 116 2.7
3 /4″ DN20 95 118 4.9
  1″ DN25 95 125 5.8
Solenoid valve
1 /2″ DN15 90 130 2.6
3 /4″ DN20 95 133 4.7
  1″ DN25 95 141 5.5



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